Book Review: The Indian Industrial School Carlisle, Penna: 1879-1918

Linda Witmer's chronicle of the Carlisle Indian School makes one feel that he was really there and knew some of the students personally. The story begins with the journey of seventy-two shackled Indian prisoners to St. Augustine, Florida in 1875 under Richard Henry Pratt, the transfer of most of them three years later to Hampton, Virginia, and the establishment of the Indian Industrial School at Carlisle in 1879.

Annette Braught

Image of Annette Braught during Interview

Interview of Annette Braught by Blair Williams on February 11, 2016. The interview focuses on Braught's grandparents, parents, and uncle and the time she spent with them growing up in Carlisle. She then discusses her own art work.

Charles L. Brown Part One

Interview of Charles L. Brown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania on November 13, 1998 by David Kates. Kates conducted the interview for research on the Desegregation of the Carlisle School District as part of an American Studies Seminar. Interview was digitized from a cassette tape.