Image: Dam on Mountain Creek by Jim Bradley

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Highlighted Stories

Nicole Witmer

Image of Nicole Witmer during Interview

Interview of Nicole Witmer by Alan Schultze on March 25, 2015. Witmer discusses growing up on a farm outside of Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the physical changes to the landscape as farms are replaced by warehouses in the area. She further talks about her school experiences including being home schooled, attending Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, and Shippensburg University.

Lorraine Humer (Women in World War II)

Photo of Lorraine Humer during the Interview

Interview with Lorraine Humer at her home in Carlisle Pennsylvania on June 7, 2002, with Heather Egan as a part of the Women in Cumberland County During World War II Oral History Project. Humer discusses attending Dickinson College during the war, her experiences in the Cadet Nurse Corps, and her familes experiences during the war including rationing.

Highlighted Entries

George “Dorsey” Hendel, Jr.: Liveryman

Scan of George Hendel announcing his plan to run a line of stages to various nearby locations in the Carlisle Herald, July 18, 1850.

The son of Carlisle silversmith George Hendel and his wife Rosanna Jumper, George Hendel, Jr. was born on August 20, 1815. He did not follow his father’s profession, and by 1837 he was in the livery business with James Gaulagher.

Robert D. Guthrie: Clockmaker and Silversmith

Photo of the mark of Robert D. Guthrie on one of a set of spoons. His mark is also on the bead cock of one of his clocks. Photo by the author.

Brought to Carlisle from Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1772 at the age of seven,[1] Robert Darlington Guthrie would spend his adult life making silver and clocks for the residents of Cumberland County and train three of his sons to follow his profession.[2]

Featured Stories:
Women in World War II