Camp Hill

Susan Beckey and Rebecca (Gill) Lender

Screenshot from the Susan Beckey and Rebecca Lender Interview

Interview of Susan Beckey and Rebecca Lender for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library, an initiative of the Cumberland County Historical Society. Beckey and Lender discuss growing up in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania and their memories of Cumberland County including the Silver Spring Drive-In, the Silver Spring Speedway, and Cumberland Valley High School.

Camp Hill

Photo of the Camp Hill High School, built in 1907, demolished in 1953, it was located at 24th and Chestnut streets.

Perhaps it is only a legend that a group of dissidents from Peace Church (now "Historic Peace Church") on Trindle Road set up a camp to hold services at a tiny village then called White Hill. The name was given by Dr. John D.

Captain William Hendricks and the March to Quebec (1775)

It was a time for great rejoicing that first week of Fall 1776. In the capital on the Delaware the good people of Philadelphia, still exhilarated from the wine of national independence first sipped only two months before were sampling another heavy draught—life under a new and radically democratic State government which had just replaced an oft times unpopular proprietorship. One in congruous event diluted the pure air of celebration.

George N. Wade: Consummate Politician

There are two different types of success in the world of politics. Some men succeed as statesmen, and others as politicians. Statesmen usually adopt innovative and sometimes unpopular methods in order to promote what they see as the public good. Politicians, on the other hand, feel that their duty is to further the interests of those whom they represent, and to work to satisfy their constituents.