Primitive Passageways to Future Newville Correction

Dear Editor,

A friend from Mechanicsburg, PA, shared his Summer 1989 issue of your magazine with me because he knew of my interest in Scottish Dissenting Presbyterianism. William T. Swaim's article "Primitive Passageways to Future Newville" mentions the Big Spring Associate congregation, now known as the Newville United Presbyterian Church. I have met Dr. Swaim and know him to be an historian of substance. His father was pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church, Brownsville, Fayette County, PA, many years ago before I was there. 

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Note: this entry refers to the article "Primitive Passageways to Future Newville" in Volume 6, Issue 1 (Summer 1989)

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The recorded history of West Pennsboro Township began in 1735 when it was part of Pennsborough, one of two original townships in the North Valley. This preceded the formation of the county by fifteen years. By 1745, Pennsborough had divided into East and West Pennsboro. In the following years, the township boundaries changed as the population increased and the townships subdivided even more.