World War I

History of Ralph Ray Watts, Veteran, World War I, United States Army

The following is a reminiscence of the World War I military experiences of my grandfather, Ralph Ray Watts. His memory of those experiences was recorded by my grandmother, Laura Mae Wakefield Watts. I suspect some of the "editorial" comments were added by my grandmother. Her handwritten summary was later transcribed by a cousin, Cindy Pricker.

Frank Elmer Masland Jr. (1895-1994)

Photo of Frank Elmer Masland Jr.

Frank Elmer Masland Jr. was a prominent industrialist, conservationist, explorer, philanthropist and pillar of the Carlisle community throughout the twentieth century. Born to Frank Elmer Masland and Mary Esther Gossler on December 8, 1895, he was the grandson of Charles Henry Masland, founder of the Carlisle carpet company C. H. Masland & Sons.

A Soldier's Letters

“I fear I shall never arrive at the point where a letter from you doesn't cause the sun to shine brighter upon its arrival." So wrote a corporal in the American Expeditionary Forces in France to his wife at home in 1919.