Carlisle Herald

Emancipation Proclamation Grand Tournament held in Carlisle in 1869: Horses, Knights, a Queen and Maids of Honor

The August 6, 1869 edition of the Carlisle Herald reported on the Grand Tournament held several days before to celebrate “the emancipation of the slaves of the Southern States” by a procession through the streets of Carlisle and a tournament at Graham’s Grove.

Mechanicsburg Improvements: 1866

Merchant's Hotel at 48 W. Main St. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

In October 1866, A. K. Rheem, the publisher of the Carlisle Herald, visited Mechanicsburg to look at improvements in the town.  He wrote the following article about his visit: “The most important and noticeable new buildings are the Market House and the Merchant's Hotel. The former is a splendid brick edifice beautifully built and running through the entire depth of a square.