Tritt, Richard L.

Boiling Springs

The lake at Boiling Springs; both sides of the lake can be seen and there are two canoes in the water.

The history of the Boiling Springs area is multi-layered and revolves around its water resources. Being located along the Ironstone Ridge that crosses the Cumberland Valley, a number of natural springs arise in the area and combine to form a stream that empties into the Yellow Breeches Creek just south of the village.

Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs is a unique 18th century industrial settlement that developed into a 19th century provincial village and recreational area. The name of the village and its multilayered history revolve around its important water resources. The name "Boiling Springs" is found in the earliest records of the area. This "Boiling Springs " designation was undoubtedly derived from the lake located on the tract.

Geronimo and Carlisle

Geronimo is one of the most famous figures in the history of the American West. To the Apaches he was a war shaman, or medicine man, respected for the great mystical power he possessed. To his enemies, the Mexicans and the Americans, he was a vicious and fearless warrior. His name became a battle cry that struck terror into the hearts of those who heard it.

Richard Tritt

Image of Richard Tritt

Interview of Richard Tritt by Susan Meehan on May 6, 2014. Tritt discusses his life in Cumberland County including Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, Boiling Springs, and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.