Smith, David L.

Babes in the Woods

Outdoor B&W photo of a men and women standing around coffins in Westminster Cemetery near Carlisle, PA. Two coffins are visible, and a third is probably hidden behind one.

In November of 1934, the bodies of three young girls were found on South Mountain along Centerville Road (Rt. 233) in Penn Township. No readily identifiable information was available to determine who they were, and the ensuing investigation of the mystery attracted nation-wide attention.

Editor's Introduction - 2012

The 2012 issue of Cumberland County History is an eclectic mix of articles spanning from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. It has been a pleasure to review the numerous articles submitted over the past year. They have included a wide variety of topics and have been extremely well written and researched. Sufficient articles were submitted to warrant two issues. A number of submissions are being held for publication in 2013. I am certain that the eight articles published in this issue will be of interest to our readers.

Editor's Introduction - 2013

The 2013 issue of Cumberland County History marks the 30th year of publication of the Journal. That alone is an important milestone, but it is also appropriate at this time to acknowledge the significant contribution to the success of this publication made by Executive Director, Linda F. Witmer. Her ongoing support for the Journal has made it possible to continue publication during the rich and the lean times at CCHS. She has made an indelible mark on the Society in so many ways and this publication, in its thirtieth year speaks to the success of her tenure at the Society.

Frederick Douglass in Carlisle

Transcriptions of newspaper articles by Mark W Podvia and Joan McBride. On April 7, 1893, the Evening Sentinel reported that Frederick Douglass was making his first visit to Carlisle when he addressed the students at the Carlisle Indian School. His presence at the school was also subsequently reported in the school's publication, The Indian Helper, on April14, 1893 and April21, 1893.

Regina Hartman

A pageant in front of the First Presbyterian Church, in 1934, showing people dressed in colonial costumes, in celebration of the church's 200th anniverary.

During the colonial era, Cumberland County was on the western frontier of colonial settlement. Although treaties had been signed allowing legal settlement, peaceful relations with Native Americans was not achieved until the 1770s.