Carlisle Hospital

Carlisle Hospital

Photo of the front view of the Carlisle Hospital with two automobiles near entrance

For nearly a century, the Carlisle Hospital complex occupied a block of land in the southwest section of Carlisle. The limestone, landmark building was razed in 2007 following a decision by the hospital board to sell the hospital to Health Management Associates, Inc.

Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Part 2

Image of Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner during Interview

Part two of an interview of Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner conducted by Susan Meehan on September 10, 2014. The Gardners talk about their involvement with the Cumberland County Historical Society, Elizabeth's time at Boiling Springs High School including her time in the band, her time working as nurse for various doctors in Carlisle, George's experiences with Carlisle in the sixties, and other stories related to Cumberland County.

Catharine MacCaffray (Women in World War II)

Catharine MacCaffray instructs Masland Employees on applying bandages

This is an oral history conducted by Steven Burg with Catharine MacCaffray at her home in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on June 20, 2002 as part of the Cumberland County Women During World War Two Oral History Project. MacCaffray discusses her experience as a volunteer nurse's aid for the American Red Cross in various hostitals in Carlisle. MacCaffray further talks about other various experiences including working at C. H. Masland's, seeing German POWs, and rationing.