World War II

Harry G. Pace

Interview of Harry G. Pace by Michael Snyder for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library. Pace discusses his early life in North Carolina, his Naval service during World War II, and his experience as a firefighter in the Empire Hook and Ladder Company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

The Pine Grove Prisoner of War Camp

In May of 1943, as American and British forces were wrapping up their operations in North Africa and preparing for an invasion of Sicily, United States military personnel in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, were making their own unique contribution to the Allied war effort. Deep in the heart of the Michaux State Forest, an abandoned Civilian Conservation Corps camp was being renovated for an entirely new purpose: to detain and interrogate German prisoners.

Gerald Rhoads

Image of Gerald Rhoads during Interview

Interview of George Rhoads by Susan Meehan on January 14, 2014. Rhoads discusses his life in Cumberland County and his involvement in the International Order of Oddfellows and the building located on High Street in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Newton C. Robbins

Screenshot from Newton C. Robbin's Interview

Interview of Newton C. Robbins of Carlisle by Michael Collins on June 17, 2015. The interview focuses on Robbins early life, World War II experience, work in the State Police, aviation, and founding the Carlisle Crimestoppers.

Eugene Schlosnagle

Interview of Eugene Schlosnagle for the Second Presbyterian Church and the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library. Schlosnagle discusses his involvement with Second Presbyterian as well as his experiences during World War II and teaching veterans how to farm.

Mary Ann Shughart

Mary Ann and Judge Dale Shughart

Interview of Mary Ann Shughart by Carolyn Osborn for the Cumberland County Historical Society. Shughart discusses her life including her experiences during World War II while her husband, Dale F. Shughart, was serving in the military.


Marian Soutner (Women in World War II)

Interview with Marian Soutner at her home in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, on July 9, 2002, with Heather Egan as a part of the Cumberland County Women During World War Two Oral History Project. Soutner discusses her involvement with United Service Organization (USO) as well as her families daily efforts during the war including canning, rationing, and growing food.

Helen P. Sowers (Women in World War II)

Interview with Helen Sowers at her home in Mt. Holly Springs Pennsylvania on July 15th 2002 as a part of the Cumberland County Women During World War II Oral History Project. Sowers discusses growing up during the Great Depression in Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, working in the C. H. Maslands and Sons factory, and as a volunteer airplane spotter in Mount Holly Springs. Sowers also talks about the difficulty of rationing for a large family.