John Proctor: Whitesmith (1784-1847)

Scan of Proctor’s list of charges for work done for the county buildings in 1812 and 1813 and submitted to the County Commissioners for payment.

“John Proctor was a well-known figure in the industrial world of Carlisle in the early days; he made bits when they were made and filed and plated by hand, silver money being melted to get material for the plating.”Proctor was working in Carlisle as early as 1812 according to a bill he submitted to the County Commissioners for work done at the jail and the court house. The work included making locks, keys, and hinges for window shutters.

Conrad Reep: Mt. Holly Springs Cabinetmaker & Undertaker

Photo of the grave marker of the Reep family in the Mount Holly Springs cemetery

Conrad Reep, his wife Catharine (Lizman) and their two young daughters emigrated from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany in 1848. Reep’s brother-in-law, John Lizman, also from Hess-Darmstadt, had immigrated earlier and was a cabinetmaker in Carlisle. Reep settled in Mount Holly Springs, six miles south of Carlisle. In 1856, he declared his intent to become a citizen and was naturalized on November 10, 1858.

Willow Mill

A February 1999 photo of  Houston's/Willow/Fisher's Mill

Willow Mill, the only mill building still standing in Silver Spring Township, was a substantial industrial complex in its prime. Built in approximately 1794, the mill was still grinding grain through the end of the 1800s. The site then transitioned into an outdoor retreat and amusement park.