Elementary Education

Mary Hamilton (1796-1831)

Scan of a letter from Mary Hamilton to James and Susan Hamilton from Lancaster, PA. 1830

Mary Hamilton, daughter of Judge James and Sarah Hamilton, was born in Carlisle on August 2, 1796. Letters between Mary’s father and his friend John Brown of Philadelphia provide details of her early life. Mary was nine years old in November 1805 when she was sent to Mr. and Mrs.

Donald E. Owens Sr.

Donald E. Owens Sr.

This transcript includes portions of the tape that relate to the migration of African-American families to Cumberland County or the Underground Railroad. Donald Owens stated that he heard many of these stories from his grandmother, who raised him. Other portions of the tape contain his memories of events in the 1930s, visits to his uncle’s farm where he helped with butchering, going to school, and jobs that he had. 

Charles H. Stone

Image of Charles H. Stone during Interview

Interview of Charles H. Stone by Susan Meehan for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library Memory Bank. Stone discusses growing up in the West Shore area of Cumberland County, his father's box manufacturing company, and his career as a lawyer.