Paul A. Bloser

Picture of a large framed Paul Bloser oil on canvas of the Carlisle Public Square ca 1840, done in 1934, part of the Hotel Argonne series. Signed and dated in the lower right corner.

Paul A. Bloser is thought to have been born in Bloserville, Frankford Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1891. He died in 1971, aged 70 years, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and was buried, in Collingswood, New Jersey.

Annette Braught

Image of Annette Braught during Interview

Interview of Annette Braught by Blair Williams on February 11, 2016. The interview focuses on Braught's grandparents, parents, and uncle and the time she spent with them growing up in Carlisle. She then discusses her own art work.

Jim Griffith

Interview of Jim Griffith for the Greater Carlisle Project Heart and Soul Initiative. Griffith discusses his interest in family and local history and how he came to own the building at 11 E. High Street in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the preservation and restoration that went into restoring the building. He further talks about his involvement in the Heart and Soul project.

Walt Huber (1886-1961)

Photo of oil on canvas, landscape, location unknown

Walt Huber was an acclaimed cartoonist for several newspapers, who was born in Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. While never achieving his dream of having his own comic strip, Huber, was one of the founders of the Seven Lively Artists.

Aaron W. Mountz (1872-1949)

Studio portrait of the four Mountz brothers, John, Harvey, Ira and Aaron, dressed in three piece suits.

Aaron William Mountz was a laborer, a carpenter, a well-driller, and a lifelong resident of Cumberland County – and he was a woodcarver. While his work had started to be appreciated by private collectors toward the end of his life, he died not knowing that his hobby of carving small wood animals would make him known in the art world nationwide, with his work held in museums such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum of Folk Art.

Thomas S. Officer: Miniature and Portrait Painter

Born in Carlisle in 1810, this gifted artist trained in Philadelphia, traveled extensively, won awards for his paintings, and drank himself to an early death in San Francisco in 1859. In 1872, James Miller McKim wrote a series of reminiscences for the Carlisle Herald newspaper about the places and people of Carlisle in an earlier day. He wrote that “David Smith, a boot and shoemaker, had two sons…