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Cumberland County has been the home of thousands of individuals and organizations. Each has contributed to its history in ways both small and large. The Gardner Digital Library collects these stories in the Memory Bank. From Oral Histories of locals experiences in World War II to serving local civic organizations to growing up in Carlisle, Silver Springs Township, the West Shore, or Shippensburg, the Memory Bank is a place where the collected stories of Cumberland County can be shared and engaged with to present a fuller history of the County.

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Mary Ann Shughart

Mary Ann and Judge Dale Shughart

Interview of Mary Ann Shughart by Carolyn Osborn for the Cumberland County Historical Society. Shughart discusses her life including her experiences during World War II while her husband, Dale F. Shughart, was serving in the military.


Nhan Ai Simms

Image of Nhan Ai Simms during Interview

Interview of Nhan Ai Simms by Amanda Gautier and Megan Osborn on November 1, 2015 for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library. The interview focuses on the Simms family and experiences in Carlisle and Cumberland County after Vietnam.

Dorothy M. Slothower

Interview of Dorothy M.Slothower for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library Memory Bank. Slothower discusses growing up in Cumberland County and the former Carlisle Indian School student Jacob Jackson who worked and lived on her family's farm.

Marian Soutner (Women in World War II)

Interview with Marian Soutner at her home in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, on July 9, 2002, with Heather Egan as a part of the Cumberland County Women During World War Two Oral History Project. Soutner discusses her involvement with United Service Organization (USO) as well as her families daily efforts during the war including canning, rationing, and growing food.

Helen P. Sowers (Women in World War II)

Interview with Helen Sowers at her home in Mt. Holly Springs Pennsylvania on July 15th 2002 as a part of the Cumberland County Women During World War II Oral History Project. Sowers discusses growing up during the Great Depression in Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania, working in the C. H. Maslands and Sons factory, and as a volunteer airplane spotter in Mount Holly Springs. Sowers also talks about the difficulty of rationing for a large family.

John Steigleman Jr.

Image of John Steigleman Jr. during Interview

Interview of John Steigleman by Susan Meehan on November 20, 2014. Steigleman discusses his family and growing up in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Additionally, he talks about his later life working at the Dickinson College Physics Department.

Charles H. Stone

Image of Charles H. Stone during Interview

Interview of Charles H. Stone by Susan Meehan for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library Memory Bank. Stone discusses growing up in the West Shore area of Cumberland County, his father's box manufacturing company, and his career as a lawyer.

David Toner

David Toner interview by the Orton Family Foundation on the Mount Tabor AME Zion Church and cemetery. Toner discusses how he came to attend the Mount Tabor Church as a child and how it was different than other churches. He also mentions how he returned to Mount Holly Springs after living in California and his reaction upon seeing the church in disrepair and the joy he has in seeing it serve as a renewed focal point for the community.