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Cumberland County has been the home of thousands of individuals and organizations. Each has contributed to its history in ways both small and large. The Gardner Digital Library collects these stories in the Memory Bank. From Oral Histories of locals experiences in World War II to serving local civic organizations to growing up in Carlisle, Silver Springs Township, the West Shore, or Shippensburg, the Memory Bank is a place where the collected stories of Cumberland County can be shared and engaged with to present a fuller history of the County.

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Carmen James

Carmen James

Carmen James interview by the Orton Family Foundation on the Mount Tabor AME Zion Church and cemetery. James discuss connecting with her past through the Mt. Tabor Church and how the church further developed a sense of family and community in Mount Holly Springs including instilling a sense of right and wrong that has help guide James' life.

Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson

Interview of Chad Johnson for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library. Johnson discusses his work at the Carlisle Barracks and how sports connects those stationed at the base with the greater Carlisle community. Johnson also discusses how he created a local AAU Basketball team, the Carlisle Rocks, and how basketball can change lives.

Helen Kollas

Image of Helen Kollas during Interview

Interview of Helen Kollas by Michael Collins on March 18, 2015. The interview focuses on the Hamilton Restaurant in Carlisle, Pennsylavania, Kollas' early life growing up, and the Greek Community in Carlisle.

Arlene M. Koser

Image of Arlene Koser during Interview

Interview of Arlene M. Koser by Pamela Still on August 5, 2015. The interview focuses on Koser's early life growing up in Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania including stories of Halloween pranks, working in the local pharmacy, and how her class stays in touch.

Curtis E. Kramer

Interview of Curtis E. Kramer for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library in collaboration with the Greater Carlisle Heart and Soul Project. Kramer discusses growing up in Carlisle, working on the Navajo Reservation, and returning to Carlisle in the 2000s.

Charles H. Kruger

Image of Charles H. Kruger during Interview

Interview of Charles H. Kruger of Carlisle, Pennsylvania by Susan Meehan on January 27, 2016. The interview focuses on Kruger's family and early life, the Kruger Dairy and milk delivery, and Kruger's school experiences from elementary school to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.