Mader, Sandy

Etahdleuh Doanmoe: From Prisoner to Missionary

Author's note: The Trout Gallery at Dickinson College presented an exhibit entitled "The Carlisle Indian School: 1879-1918" from January 30 to February 28, 2004. Visitors to this exhibit were able to see several pictographs that were once part of an album of drawings presented to Mason D. Pratt by his father, Richard Henry Pratt. The front cover of that album is embossed in gold letters "A Kiowa's Odyssey", and the Kiowa whose drawings formerly rested inside the red covers was Etahdleuh Doanmoe, the subject of this article.

Mt. Holly Springs

Mt Holly Springs,  Elevated Photo circa 1950

Mt. Holly Springs is situated at the northern entrance of a gap in South Mountain in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Mountain Creek flows through this gap and into the borough. This area was once called Holly Gap because of a large holly tree that grew there.

Women of Carlisle's East End

Thomas Penn, a son of William Penn and a Proprietor of the lands remaining from his father's original grant, was actively involved in plans related to the design of Carlisle. The town, as originally developed, incorporated sixteen square blocks centered on a Square bounded by the cardinal streets: North, South, East and West.