Silver Spring Township

Susan Beckey and Rebecca (Gill) Lender

Screenshot from the Susan Beckey and Rebecca Lender Interview

Interview of Susan Beckey and Rebecca Lender for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library, an initiative of the Cumberland County Historical Society. Beckey and Lender discuss growing up in Silver Spring Township, Pennsylvania and their memories of Cumberland County including the Silver Spring Drive-In, the Silver Spring Speedway, and Cumberland Valley High School.

Bishop Henry Heisey Brubaker, Missionary from Mechanicsburg

While it may not be an historian's job to "praise famous men," it is his job to tell of men and women, famous or less so, and remember that they were human beings with a human capacity for the remarkable. Henry Heisey Brubaker—in the formal custom of the day, he always styled himself "H. H. Brubaker"—was an imposing figure in the Brethren in Christ Church during the middle years of the twentieth century.

Exerpts from Across the Plains by Immigrant Wagon in 1865. My Trip to California and What I Saw on the Way

EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION While driving a team of horses as part of a wagon train crossing the American west in 1865, Jeremiah Zeamer, aged 23, kept a diary. Thirty-one years later, Zeamer, now the owner and publisher of the American Volunteer in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, published his diaries in serial form in the newspaper. A chapter was presented each week from November of 1896 to June of 1897. As far as staff at the Cumberland County Historical Society has been able to ascertain this work was published only in serial form.

Dennis Hrzic

Image of Dennis Hrzic during Interview

Interview of Dennis Hrzic by Christine Musser on March 9, 2015. Hrzic discusses how he came to Silver Springs Townships, how he was inspired by a number of older residents to preserve its history including the Junkin House, and his time as Silver Springs Police Officer.

Isabella Oliver

Photo of the cover page from Oliver's Poems

Isabella Oliver, (July 16, 1771—June 7, 1843), once known as the “poetess of the Conodoguinet,” or more colorfully as that creek’s “muse,” was the second--and the first female--published Cumberland County poet in 1805 with Poems on Various Subjects, following the unknown writer of The Unequal Conflict in 1792.