Penn Township

Babes in the Woods

Outdoor B&W photo of a men and women standing around coffins in Westminster Cemetery near Carlisle, PA. Two coffins are visible, and a third is probably hidden behind one.

In November of 1934, the bodies of three young girls were found on South Mountain along Centerville Road (Rt. 233) in Penn Township. No readily identifiable information was available to determine who they were, and the ensuing investigation of the mystery attracted nation-wide attention.

Penn Township

Penn Township, Cumberland County is located in the southwestern section of the county. The township was formed officially on October 23, 1860 by partitioning off the western half of Dickinson Township. In 1872, the southern portion of Penn Township was partitioned to form Cooke Township.

Penn Township: 125 Years

Penn Township was erected 23 October 1860 when the western half of Dickinson Township was made into a separate political and territorial body. Its creation was the result of a continuing effort lasting for at least twenty years. This subdivision was but one in a series of similar moves begun at the settlement of the Province and continued in Cumberland County until 1929.

Weakley Family Black Sheep: Why James Geddes Weakly Was Disowned

In May of 1837, James and Eliza Geddes Weakley welcomed into their home in Mill Town (Huntsdale) their youngest son, James Geddes (JG) Weakley. The grandson of Samuel Weakley, JG was also the great grandson of the patriarch of "one of the most prominent families in the western part of the county," James Weakley. What act or acts did JG Weakley, a seemingly honorable man, commit in later life that caused him to be erased from the family tree?