Bishop Henry Heisey Brubaker, Missionary from Mechanicsburg

While it may not be an historian's job to "praise famous men," it is his job to tell of men and women, famous or less so, and remember that they were human beings with a human capacity for the remarkable. Henry Heisey Brubaker—in the formal custom of the day, he always styled himself "H. H. Brubaker"—was an imposing figure in the Brethren in Christ Church during the middle years of the twentieth century.

Book Review: Pictorial History: Shippensburg Area, Big Spring Area, Carlisle Area, Mechanicsburg Area and West Shore Area

Merri Lou Schaumann, ed., Pictorial History: Shippensburg Area, Big Spring Area, Cm-lisle Area, Mechanicsburg Area and West Shore Area (Carlisle: Cumberland County 250'" Anniversary Committee, 2000). 5 volumes, 96 pp. each. Photographs, maps. $16.95 each volume, $75.00 set.

The Deterioration of the Seminary Rule System at Irving College, 1909-1926

Irving College, located between Simpson and Main Streets in Mechanicsburg from 1856 through 1929, once offered the same type of curriculum, administrative trends, and student organizations that existed at many women's colleges throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Irving was founded in 1856, during the initial rush of female colleges, when no less than seven women's colleges were within a 50 mile radius of the county seat.

Tita Eberly

Screenshot of Tita Eberly during the interview.

Interview of Tita Eberly for the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library. Eberly discusses growing up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and owning a business.