Marian Soutner (Women in World War II)

Interview with Marian Soutner at her home in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, on July 9, 2002, with Heather Egan as a part of the Cumberland County Women During World War Two Oral History Project. Soutner discusses her involvement with United Service Organization (USO) as well as her families daily efforts during the war including canning, rationing, and growing food.

What's in a Name? Enola

Local legend reported that a lone caller for the telegraph tower which stood in the area, across the river from Harrisburg, made the suggestion that "Alone" might be an apt name. In reverse, this is "Enola" and this could well have been the derivation of the town's name, but, further research into the matter, revealed that Enola is named after a little girl called Enola Miller.