East Pennsboro Township

Arsenic in the Leaven

Life for the Scottish Carothers clan in East Pennsborough, now Silver Spring Township, was neither calm nor peaceful in that tiny fragment of time between 1798 and 1801. Four murders occured within two of the families, the John Carothers and the Andrew Carothers.

Camp Hill

Photo of the Camp Hill High School, built in 1907, demolished in 1953, it was located at 24th and Chestnut streets.

Perhaps it is only a legend that a group of dissidents from Peace Church (now "Historic Peace Church") on Trindle Road set up a camp to hold services at a tiny village then called White Hill. The name was given by Dr. John D.

Enola Yard

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) significantly expanded its infrastructure in the early 1900s to handle growing volumes of both freight and passenger traffic.

Ephraim Blaine

Tiny Carlisle, with perhaps half a hundred males of fighting age, contributed no fewer than eight colonels or generals to the War of the Revolution. None of these, from Armstrong to Watts, made quite the contribution to victory that Ephraim Blaine did. 

Lewis the Robber

Photo of eighteen young people sitting and standing around Lewis Cave at Doubling Gap, Pa.

From a confession written a day before his death, Pennsylvania’s Robin Hood recounted the story of David Lewis, better known as Lewis the Robber from his birth on Hanover Street in Carlisle on March 4, 1790 to his capture and eventual death in jail in Bellefone, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1820.