James Wilson

James Wilson, signer of the Declaration of Independence

The provincial town of Carlisle was fortunate to have among its mist for a short period a political theorist and talented lawyer, James Wilson. Born in 1742 at Carskerdo near St. Andrews, Scotland, Wilson studied at St. Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Emigrating to America in1765, he first took a tutoring job at the College of Philadelphia. Next Wilson studied law under John Dickinson...

Kirk Wilson

Kirk Wilson

Kirk Wilson discusses a number of aspects of his life including being a member of the Carlisle High School Band, joining the Carlisle Fire Police and Friendship Fire Company, and his experience as the mayor of Carlisle. Wilson also discusses the fire appratus of the Friendship Fire Company, fires during his experience in the 1970s and 1980s including the South Pomfret Street Apartment Fire, the Cumberland Valley Savings and Loan Fire, and others.

Nicole Witmer

Image of Nicole Witmer during Interview

Interview of Nicole Witmer by Alan Schultze on March 25, 2015. Witmer discusses growing up on a farm outside of Carlisle, Pennsylvania and the physical changes to the landscape as farms are replaced by warehouses in the area. She further talks about her school experiences including being home schooled, attending Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, and Shippensburg University.

Ray Wolfe

Image of Ray Wolfe during Interview

Interview of Ray Wolfe of the Farmers Trust Co. by Blair Williams on December 17, 2014. The interview focuses on the Farmers Trust Co. in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, innovations in the banking industry including branch banking, drive-thru banking, and consolidation, as well as Wolfe's life in Carlisle.

Women of Carlisle's East End

Thomas Penn, a son of William Penn and a Proprietor of the lands remaining from his father's original grant, was actively involved in plans related to the design of Carlisle. The town, as originally developed, incorporated sixteen square blocks centered on a Square bounded by the cardinal streets: North, South, East and West.

The Works of Henry Ganss

For twenty years, from 1890 to 1910, Father Henry Ganss served as pastor of Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. During that time he produced historical and musical works achieving international appreciation. He has merited entries in two prominent works of reference-The Dictionary of American Biography and The New Catholic Encyclopedia-rare for one whose activities one would assume deserved only parochial notice.

Dr. Charles M. Worthington (1835-1878)

Scan of Charles M. Worthington's obituary in the American Volunteer on October 17, 1878

A survivor of the infamous Libby Prison, Charles McClure Worthington was a man of many occupations; a telegraph operator on the Cumberland Valley Rail Road, a Civil War surgeon, a druggist, and finally, a Carlisle school teacher. Charles M. Worthington was born in Carlisle on September 22, 1835, the eldest son of Ann and Jefferson Worthington, a painter and County Commissioner. Worthington was educated in the Carlisle schools and read medicine with Dr. Baughman.

A Youthful Friendship: Smead and Bache

Captain Raphael Cummings Smead, after serving some months with the army in Mexico, was ordered to Carlisle Barracks in 1847. He brought his wife Sarah Radcliff and their family of five children to the town, and enrolled his oldest son, John Radcliff, in the local Dickinson College. But a liberal education appears to have had few attractions for either father or son; a commission in the army or even a job as a surveyor or engineer on one of the railroads under construction in the West promised higher social rank and income.