Cumberland County Register of Historic Places

The Cumberland County Register of Historic Places was organized by the Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS) to recognize places of local historic significance that may not qualify for placement on the National Register of Historic Places. Patterned after the National Register, the county register recognizes locations that meet at least one of three criteria:

  1. a location associated with a significant historical event(s);
  2. a location associated with a significant historical person(s);
  3. a location with unique architectural characteristics.

To be selected, the site must maintain a significant percentage of its original façade.

Property owners interested in having their property listed on the register complete a detailed application providing an architectural description of the property, a detailed listing of the history of the property showing the importance of prior owners or events associated with the property and a chain of title. Photographs are required to accompany the application.

The application is reviewed by an expert committee of historians and then, if recommended by the committee, the application is submitted to the CCHS Board of Trustees for final approval. Approved applicants may then apply, at their expense, to have a brass plaque made for installation on the property. It should be noted that although most of the properties on the register are buildings, the register is not limited to buildings. Currently the list includes a bridge and a cemetery. As of 2014 there are 30 properties on the Register in the following townships and municipalities:


  • Letort Star Masonic Lodge - 144 West North Street
  • Union Fire Company – 35 West Louther Street
  • Weiss House - 170 West South Street
  • Rev. Wenger House - 433 Mooreland Avenue
  • George Kline Print Shop - 154 West High Street
  • I.O.O.F. Building – 29-33 West High Street

Dickinson Township

  • Weakley / Barnitz Mill – Stuart Park, Pine Road
  • Old Line Cemetery – Alexander Spring Road
  • Rockey’s School - 66 Half Mile Drive

East Pennsboro Township

  • Mill owners house at Oyster Mill – 990 Oyster Mill Road, Camp Hill

Hampden Township

  • Jonas Rupp House – 5115 East Trindle Road, Mechanicsburg
  • Hope United Methodist Church – 6260 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg

Lower Frankford Township

  • George Snider House - 1555 McClures Gap Road, Carlisle

Lower Mifflin Township

  • Daniel Barrick House - 1166 Doubling Gap Road
  • Wilson/Sharp House – 305 Doubling Gap Road, Newville


  • Church of the Brethren – 51 West Simpson Street
  • Old Store and Warehouse Building - 14 North Walnut Street

Monroe Township

  • Twin Springs - 1447 Lutztown Road, Boiling Springs
  • Trindle Farm - 17 Sinclair Road, Mechanicsburg

North Middleton Township

  • Creekside/Watts House – 580 McClures Gap Road, Carlisle

North Newton / West Pennsborough Townships

  • Toll Gate Bridge – Big Spring Creek Road, SR 3007, Newville

Penn Township

  • Claudy/Avery Farm – 44 Beetem Hollow Road, Newville
  • Plough and Sheaf of Wheat Tavern – 1879 Walnut Bottom Road, Newville


  • The Etter House - 109 S. Locust Street

Silver Spring Township

  • Mt. Pleasant Farm - 164 Rich Valley Road
  • Pennsfield – 160 Rich Valley Road

South Middleton Township

  • Ramsey House - 70 Lindsay Lane, Carlisle
  • Baer/Woodburn House - 1655 Holly Pike
  • Craighead House – 318 East Old York Road, Boiling Springs

West Pennsboro Township

  • George Lefever House - 191 Lefever Avenue
  • Rev. Joshua Williams House - 180 Springville Road, Carlisle
  • Stonehurst / McCullough’s Folly – 261 Centerville Road, Newville

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Source:  CCHS County Historic Register Files